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Best things to do in Prague

Once a hidden gem over shadowed by its neighbors now attracts more tourists than ever. Prague is one of the most desirable city in Czech Republic. It is one of the best destinations with reasonable accommodation and food. Prague is a perfect blend of modern lifestyle and history that dates back to more than a thousand years. Huge crowds of tourists visit the city to explore culture, observe art and try amazing food and beer. The fascinating Czech Republic, capital is a great example of perseverance and survival. Prague is like an urban fairy tale with gothic architecture, churches, hilltop castles, statue lined bridges and much more. Here are some interesting things to do in Prague:
Observe architecture in Old Town Square
The Old town square remains filled with tourists, street performers, merchants and musicians. Despite having numerous invasions, Old town square has untouched gems of architecture. Some of them belongs to the 10th century.
Watch Astronomical clock
The Old town hall has a spectacular mechanical clock that was built during the 15th century. This medieval clock was damaged and repaired numerous times. It is located on the south face of the town hall.
Explore the Jewish quarter (Josefov)
Josefov of Jewish quarter is the historic quarter that belongs to the 13th century. It is located between the Vltava river and Old Town for the Jews of Prague. This area was destroyed and remodeled whereas the six synagogues are still in their historical form.
Visit the St. Vitus Church
The St. Vitus Church is a hundred years old gothic building that was completed in the 19th century. It is visible from all around the city. Visitors explore the tomb of St. John of Nepomunk and Chapel of St. Wenceslas as well. Magnificent stained glass art nauveau is the most prominent feature of the attraction.
Prague castle and the golden lane

Hradcany or the castle district is the most popular attraction of the city. Prague castle has been the residence of Czech rulers and today, it is the president’s residence. Golden lane is located on the grounds of the castle and named after the alchemists who worked to find the process of turning old metals into gold. Franz Kafka lived in this area for two years.
Plan a cruise trip of Vltava
Spectacular architecture, monuments and historical buildings make the cruise trip very interesting. Watching different sides of Prague from the cruise in Vltava river is a unique experience.
Mala Strana and Infant Jesus of Prague
Mala Strana is the old town located across the river. This town has historical gems from 17th and 18th century. You can enjoy some fantastic views of the river, Czech pubs, restaurants, Renaissance palaces and stroll in baroque streets. Roman Catholic statue of infant Jesus Christ is also located in this area that belongs to 16th century.
Challenge yourself at the Mind Maze
Mind maze is a unique, memorable and challenging place. Visitors are locked up in the alchemist’s chamber for 60 minutes. They can open the chamber by solving a series of puzzles and riddles. This small room looks empty at first, whereas there are numerous things to be observed.
Prague is an amazing city with a huge variety of places to explore. This is the perfect treat for the history lovers and artists.

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